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Learning how to capture my family’s passions in fun parties, in art, and in their daily lessons is my greatest joy.  This site is where I enjoy sharing the many adventures that we find ourselves in the middle of.  I hope that they will help you explore and capture your own creativity too.

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Disclaimer: Don’t let my posts fool you.  Our everyday chaos only appears organized because of careful editing.  We are a very real crew, and as you witness our eclectic adventures you will learn some wacky things about us.

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Here are a few random facts to get you started:

  • We are 4th generation store owners, and I can honestly say that we have a great relationship with our entire family despite, or maybe because of, our family business.
  • Our home will never be finished.  It is in a constant state of renovation, and, quite honestly, we like it that way.
  • Antique boats seem to be multiplying in my garage.  Luckily my husband is a skilled craftsman and can bring one from death’s door to award winning perfection in less than a year.
  • Our favorite pets are little ones – fish, ants, a toy-poodle, and butterflies are our current residents, but my oldest is begging to expand the collection. I prefer for nature to remain wild … we are in negotiations.
  • I never thought I would become a homeschool mom, and still sometimes wonder exactly how we landed here.
  • My husband bought me an adorable green convertible while we were dating.  He said it was because he wanted to win me over as an antique-car person, but I think he just hadn’t worked up the nerve to propose … yet.  We were just finishing college, so I can’t blame the guy.

I hope you will check out my recent posts to learn more about our family on here Liberty Hill.

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