Recently the Five in a Row (FIAR) planning materials, commonly known as the classification charts, were moved here.  Anyone formerly familiar with these documents will notice that though they are still free, the charts are a little more complicated to download now, requiring a Scribd account.  This was not a decision made lightly.


These documents have been my planning lifeline for many years.  I faithfully pulled them out every year and scanned down the many columns to pick out books that could correlate my youngest’s work with the subjects her big siblings were studying or an outing we had planned.  It was tedious and time consuming, but worthwhile.

By working with the Scribd website, our charts now have features that the previous documents did not, making them infinitely more user friendly.  You can simply type your search term into the top “search document” bar and the software will automatically tell you how many references to that topic there are in the chart, highlight the search term in the text, and scroll you directly to the first reference.  It is wonderful!

The process is easy.  See that magnifying glass in the left corner?  Just type your search term in there and hit enter.  Nothing more.


Take some time and browse around.  If you are like me you will discover a few new ideas to include in your studies.

Oh, and the FIAR classification charts are still free to download, so if you are firmly in the highlighter and pencil category, you won’t need to worry.  We’ve got that covered for you.




Searchable FIAR Classification Charts
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